Your Random Questions (Week 3)

1. What is the most annoying movie you've ever seen?

2. What is one mundane thing almost everyone else has done but you haven't?

3. When was the last time you read a book that made you cry?


There will now be an announcement tab on my site. I will announce other people's accomplishments there once a week, generally every Thursday/Friday. I'll see how this works for about a month. I am also thinking of giving an E-mail address specifically for this blog so you can contact me more privately. Tell me what you think.

I also updated my Poetry Place Friday...


  1. Jennifer, I love the announcements. I'm always looking for good leads.
    The most annoying movie? Dr T and the Women with Richard Gere. The whole story was stupid, and I actually walked out of the theatre.
    Can't think of a mundane thing tho
    I'm always reading books that make me cry. They're my favorite, if uplifting.

  2. 1. Disaster Movie

    2. Ride a bike

    3. I think it was "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. I disliked the Twilight books but really thought "The Host" was interesting.

    **I am going to set down rules for the "announcements" tab and an E-mail soon.

  3. Due Date - a waste of two hours - it would take a huge amount of bourbon to make this worth watching!

    Mundane = Laid carpet

    Hunger Games - When Katniss seached for Peeta - and he gives his location away knowing she's just as likely to kill him as anything.
    "Have you come to finish me off, sweetheart?"

    The moment - he would rather be with her than even try to live - It was already right after Rue died - so your kinda expecting that he's next.

    Symbols by accident - No, they never appear in my books on accident - ever. I don't allow strays to sneak in. I will even research a symbol if there are multifaceted meanings - so not to dilute the point. I stack symbols very precisely.

  4. I think I would be in deep trouble if I wrote novels and the sneaky symbolism came in but it's not bad at all with the short stories. Then again, horror and symbolism is fun for me at times.

    I have NEVER read the Hunger Games. I guess I should add that to my list! I'm in the middle of reading the Radleys which is a vampire novel.