Gain/Loss (Prompt)

Write about gain and/or loss. Many of you are losing an hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time so you can use it to fuel your fire, if you wish. This can be as literal or abstract as you need it to be.
**Three Minute Free Write Piece**

I palmed green
Shaded with white
And black
From a hot sidewalk
Like fragmented

Could I have lost
This once
Found it now
Some happy accident
Drifting in front
Of me

Or is it
From a poor pocket
So aged and used
Light pieces of
Paper drop out
Like lead

I pass it on
With some others
To a person who
Appeared to need
A few more paper pieces
And felt lighter

**Three more of my poems are going to appear on, the first of which was yesterday. You can still find them in the archives under the dates listed if you miss them and want to check them out, anyway. They only keep them on for a day.

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  1. Excellent poem. Good topic to write about. I'll have to put some thought into it.

  2. Thanks D! It was just a free-write, though. I'm trying to do more "real" topics instead of mixing abstract stuff.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with.