Poetry Formatting (Part one)

Unless you follow a specific form for poetry, formatting it is more flexible than fiction/nonfiction. Heck, even punctuation and capitalization are up to you in most cases! Who doesn't love even more creative freedom to express themselves? And you can chop up thoughts where they SOUND good, not look proper! Oh the joys! I have to start a poem right now because I am just so overwhelmed.
My Poetry Poem in Sentences

Poetry rocks me like a concert or a cradle. It whispers tears to me and shouts its infidelities. A scalpel slices through my insides as it smiles in my face. Pleasure and pain with ultimate joy ricochet within me.
So, now I have my ideas! Sweet! Uh, how am I going to form it into a poem? Uh oh. Sometimes, creative freedom doesn't exactly mean it's easier! Wednesday I will show you how you CAN format this and how I ultimately will so it fits. Granted, this is not going to be the best poem but I just wrote whatever came to mind about poetry.


  1. I love the freedom poetry gives us these days. Anything you write is worth reading.

  2. I'm going to ATTEMPT to show how you can break it up to make it more poetic. However, I am assuming this is going to be a disaster since I almost always naturally format AS the words come out.

    We'll see!