And There Will Come A Season...

...where you think everything is as it will always be. Your days go by slowly. You watch winter melt and fade into the land and make way for spring but you feel no different. The trees begin to sprout new life and you wish for nothing more than to be a tree just so you have something more important to do than ONLY stand still.

But Mother Nature can't be sure each season will end gently. Sometimes, after the first days of spring, a snowstorm may come to blanket the world. Winter holds on, kicking and screaming and raging until it tuckers itself out like an unruly toddler. Seasons, no matter how constant they appear, hold their own unpredictable wonders.

Learn from winter and make some noise!


  1. Alright! I'm with you on this.
    Hear me world,
    Hear me yell.
    I'm a great poet,
    Can't you tell!

  2. Yay! I think a lot of writers lose the fire for their work after being rejected or put down by others.
    I hope that never happens to anyone who has a story to tell and a voice to do it with.