April Poem-A-Day Challenge

April is National Poetry Month and that means Robert Lee Brewer's Poem-A-Day Challenge is almost upon us! Yes, that IS my electric pencil sharpener whirring you hear! This will be my third year participating, though I won't post my writing there.

The object is to write a poem for each day in April using the prompts Robert gives. It is free to do and you can post/read poems in the comments section. It can be highly enjoyable if you love poetry! (Many talented writers take part.)

Robert's blog:


  1. Well I am not much of a poet but I did write a sing-sony childish chant that my two characters in Malice Rose said to each other and it is the moment when she understands that her little friend long thought dead - is before her now a handsome young man.

    Miss Mailice, Miss Malice,won't you come play
    down by the creek in shadow and shade.

    You can't out run me and you can't climb,
    but follow me down and we'll play for a time.

    Don't tell the boys that you are my friend,

    And I won't tell the girls that I let you win.

    It sure won't stand up to a real poem --lol--but it's about as good as it gets for me unless you like raunchy sea chanties ----hehehe

  2. Sometimes I do like sea shanties! lol I used to write limericks for fun.

    I very much doubt anyone from my town knows April is National Poetry Month much less going to be orchestrating events for it.

  3. I look forward to his challenges. Thanks for reminding me. I also do not post there, but keep them on my computer. I find it helps me write better.

  4. My best friend and I do it together and exchange poetry with just us. She is not really a writer but we both find it very fun.

    I kind of wish I had a poetry group around this time of year.