Monday, March 21, 2011

Bells (Prompt)

Wedding bells are ringing, Santa's sleigh-bells jingle, tiny bells are rung to signal maid service... Write about something where a bell has a part.

Edgar A. Poe had a very nice poem on bells if you should need inspiration!

*Photo: Alyson Hurt


  1. Edgar Allen Poe's is one of my favorites, of course.

    Here's a short one:
    The bells of my heart ring
    When I hear the angels sing

  2. hmm I'm a bit rusty on writing poetry..

    Ancient bells ring
    their song a gift,
    their voice.
    I follow the path
    of their song
    and I'm glad I made
    that choice.

  3. Very nice, Alyson. You don't look rusty to me.