Letters to Your Characters (Prompt)

They talk to you while you're on the treadmill, at work, in the bathroom and all without an expensive long-distance phone bill. Your characters live with you and will interrupt you as often as they see fit to tell you what they want. Well, now it is your turn. Write a letter to your character loving, hating, arguing, apologizing, or anything you want.


Having a problem figuring out WHERE to go with a certain character? Pen a letter in his/her voice to either you or another character in the story. What does he/she want or need from you or that special someone in their universe? Maybe your character will even tell you they're not meant to be in love with the person you set them up with, you horrid matchmaker you!

*Photo by Sarah


  1. Oh my. And here I thought that the voices in my head were a secret. All you writers out there know I"m crazy LOL.

  2. Well, try telling your non-writing family you hear voices and see how well that conversation goes. LOL kidding

    Thank goodness I write more poetry than fiction. It is easier for people to understand my brain feeding me lines of description (and whatever else) than it is for them to understand a fictional person telling me what they want and need.