Oh Those Long, Curving Roads

I have been traveling on the roads of writing since I was nine years old. I can easily say I've been a writer since then because of my need to write. Perseverance comes from-- not my go-getter attitude-- not being able to stop myself.

I admit I am one of the more thin-skinned writers out there. If you feel cruddy after getting a rejection, I'm probably crying. Yet, I submit to publications even with the knowledge rejection is a lot closer than acceptance. Do you, dear readers, have armor against the arrows of rejection?

Recently, I received an acceptance of a poem I've been submitting to places for nine months and another a few months back it took me years to place. It feels great to see someone enjoy a piece you were losing hope in. What was the longest it took for one of your stories/poems to get accepted?

Did you ever have a period where you stopped writing and/or submitting? How long did it last and why did it start?

Writing like crazy,



  1. Ive had nothing but bad luck in getting published. You have a soulmate. Keep your chin up and good things will happen. You are talented, wonderful, and deserve some recognition. :)

  2. Do you have a group of people around you supportive of your writing? What do you write? Positive people are a huge boon when you're a writer, even if they don't write themselves.

    Thank you for the vote of confidence. I'm still unsure how talented I am but it did wonderful things for me when I started telling people I was a writer and stopped hiding it under the bed like dirty laundry. Do you tell people you're a writer?

    By the by, your avatar looks like a sudowoodo, if you should happen to know what that is.

  3. I have a pretty thick skin when it comes to writing, though I haven't quite gotten to the serious submission stage for anything I've written (hopefully I will someday though.)

    Congrats on getting your poem published! Very exciting.

  4. Thank you, Alyson! It is always exciting for me when it happens. I have over forty poems out for consideration and am preparing a short story to be out by the end of the month.

    It is easy to let your work out for consideration dwindle, especially when you receive rejections back-to-back. I'm guilty of letting my submissions lag when I get downhearted.

  5. hehe my avatar is totally sudowoodo. You know Pokemon! I tell everyone I know that I'm a writer and I write science-fiction. And no, I don't have a group of supportive people around when I write. It's hard for me to make friends as I'm kind of an introvert and almost 40. I don't belong to a church (atheist), and the friends that I do have seem to despise reading. They just do Facebook, online games, cook, or throw parties all the time. No one reads at the parties either. They just talk about who's dating who etc.

  6. You got me Michael, I'm a huge gamer! I play many different kinds but can't stand MMORPG for some reason.

    What does your family feel about your writing? Do you have a Facebook page? Used right, Facebook can connect you with an entire community of writers.

    Oh, and now you have at least one person who cares about your writing, me.