Worst Book You've Ever Read

People often ask writers what our favorite book is. Heck, it is even an ice-breaker on a date and often tells you a lot about their character. So you probably expect me to ask you the next logical thing.

What's the worst book you've ever read?

"What, I thought she was going to ask us about our favorite books!" you shout. Reasonably, I'm not going to ask you. Everyone asks you that. What is equally important are the words that don't speak to you or let you down.

My newest literary disappointment was "Model Home" though I forget who the author is at this point. I wanted so much to like the book but each time I started enjoying it or finding it picking at my conscious somehow, it took back every bit of progress it made with me and made me feel unfinished and sleepy at the end.

All right, your turn! (Monday is prompt day from now on if I remember so be sure to come back for that.)

-Jennifer Jackson

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