When an Editor Uses Your Work as an Example

Writers think of huge milestones when considering our careers: Our first books, our acceptance into that magazine, and prestigious awards. We celebrate getting invitations to read at a festival or our admittance into our dream workshops. But there are a million tiny things along the way to our more dreamlike steps that can help keep us going.

I've barely written anything in months. Blog posts become hip-high mud I wade through. My social media is filled with articles other people write because anything else feels too raw/wrong. Poetry and I are on an indefinite hiatus because I'm currently cheating with the toxic relationship I can't quit... depression.

I pace the Internet at night. I marathon watch YouTube videos until I'm ready for bed. I ask the oracle Google if video games are out I may like, to deliver flash fiction to my doorstep, and if anyone is talking about me. 

A link to a literary magazine I've never heard of came up as I searched my name. More than once, these hits were weird pingbacks to other writers I once shared page space with; I apparently don't publish often enough to always have my name lead to my work. But not this time. Land Luck Review has my piece "The Leavings of Flame" in their Liked Links along with writers such as Charles Simic and Caroline Forché! My work is now an example to future submitters... something I never thought I'd say.

Has your work ever been used as a positive example?

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