Life Updates

No words have touched this space in a month. A project is brewing, but it is not far enough along for me to post about it... I'd hoped differently. Since I feel it would be foolish to wait another week or so, I'll just give you random updates.

First, my nurse practitioner and I are engaged in Diagnosis Battleship once more. My body becomes the board with a problem I can't see. Each coordinate she calls out is a vial of blood and another test. Diabetes! Miss. Thyroid! Miss! One set of tests has yielded no answers, but another set is on the horizon this month. Where is the battleship? Is there one? Can we sink it before it crosses into friendly seas?

Rejections are hitting hard and frequent... especially for my poetry manuscript. It's getting to the point where I will either have to start paying ($10-$30) to submit or shred my collection. My horror poetry collection already has to be self-published or trashed, so the thought of both books being lost causes hurts more than I'll admit. Maybe I'm not meant to go "the book route". 

The Handy, Uncapped Pen's mentor program can't be saved. I've tried to keep it going, and nothing I try works. The Cripendy Contest flopped this spring as well. After this year, I will see what I can possibly keep. I've given six years to HUP and it's failing. Maybe this is the last year...

Brandon and I celebrated fifteen years of marriage and seventeen years as a couple in June. Sometimes, I can't believe how fast it all goes.

Otherwise, my life is pretty similar day-to-day. I'm writing a little bit more, but each word is hard-won. I've almost completed a diamond painting project, but I'm not crafting much. It's just how things are right now.

How is everything for you?

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