My Year in Review: 2021

Personal -

2021 was a difficult year for me:  My mom died, I lost two friends (possibly because I'm an assh*le), I was hospitalized in June with two infections, I found out my two accepted chapbooks weren't getting published, at least one family member got COVID-19, and other things I can't list. I'm still not okay after everything, but I'm trying to find my center. 

It wasn't all bad in my personal life:  The guy I've called my baby brother for his whole life was legally recognized as such, I got a matching tattoo with my sister, and I am now the proud owner of a webcam/microphone for YouTube videos. It's not as much good as I hoped, but maybe 2022 will be better. I don't think I can tolerate another year like the last one.

My tattoo was a couple days old here.

Professional -

Rejections:  Seventy-one.

Acceptances:  Eleven that included fourteen poems and two drabbles.

New poems (good enough to submit):  Thirty-three and a few drabbles.

I received a Best of the Net nomination... something that's never happened to me. 

I made a full-length literary collection and started submitting it. I also submitted Blighted Feast to a few more places, but it looks like I may have to self-publish it this year. It's difficult to get by without paying fees to submit poetry manuscripts.

Oddly, I found out the poem that was nominated for a Rhysling Award was also nominated for a Pushcart in 2018. I spent these few years thinking I would never have work considered for the honor.  

How was last year for all of you? Do you have any dreams or schemes for 2022?


  1. Congratulations on all those successes, especially during a personally difficult year. May 2022 bring you light and progress!