Life with Louie: A Christmas Surprise for Mrs. Stillman (Joint Review)


When Mrs. Stillman looks like she won't have a Christmas, Louie and his dad are volunteered to decorate her home as a surprise.

Jennifer: I love this episode! It isn't just that I grew up with it... the humor is good throughout. The animation is serviceable but compliments everything well. 

Brandon: I also love this special. The voice acting is very entertaining, and the animation and style is very much all its own. 

Jennifer: Spoilers incoming, but I didn't understand how Louie's mom knew everything about Mrs. Stillman's life except for the fact that she's Jewish. How long was she living there? Had she decorated for Christmas before? If she were new in the neighborhood, perhaps I could see everything going down through the gossip grapevine. Otherwise, I'm a bit flummoxed. 

Brandon: I thought that Louie's mom said something about "no Christmas decorations this year" meaning she may have had them other years for some reason. Maybe her late husband celebrated? It isn't really explained, but it doesn't affect the charm this episode has.

Jennifer: Regardless of how Louie's mom came up with the idea, it's pulled off with a lot of humor and heart. Most of this series was actually decent, from what I can recall. 

Brandon: Louie's father easily carries the entire episode with his dialogue and sour demeanor. A lot of his lines are very quotable, the best one being "I'm going to Mrs. Stillman's place to ROB IT! WITH LOUIE!"

Jennifer & Brandon: This is definitely a must-watch for us. If you want to watch it, here is a link to the episode.

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