My Publisher Died

A bit over two years ago, I wrote a post on the news that my horror collection Blighted Feast would be coming out via The Poet's Haven. I spoke with the editor a few times right after the acceptance but received no updates afterwards. I assumed, since he was a solo operator, that things just got busy for him. Emails I sent asking for updates or how he was went unanswered.

The name he used as a publisher was a pseudonym. A couple of weeks ago, I went searching for news of him and found his legal name. My publisher died two years ago this month. The night I learned this was spent in quiet mourning for a man I barely knew. He seemed like a decent fellow, and I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to work with him.


A few days later, I thought about what to do with Blighted Feast. It's already a couple of years old. Do I self-publish, or do I get back into the submission grind knowing most presses won't touch horror poetry books? I've come so close to seeing it in the world twice now, and it's getting disheartening.

I found one publisher who might be receptive to my work (their old magazine even featured people my work has appeared beside). They are currently considering a sample of the collection. It might be my last shot going the traditional publishing route. But, I'm not sure I can hack the self-publishing landscape... I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh no! How sad. Oddly, you're the second writer I "talked" to recently who had a publishing project waylaid by the death of the publisher. I guess it's a reminder to all of us to take better care of ourselves. Best of luck finding a new publisher! @samanthabwriter from
    Balancing Act

    1. I wish people with presses would entrust a family member with their business email so authors could be notified. I spent a while in limbo just trying to figure things out.

      The publisher I sent a sample to does want to see my whole project, so that's something. I'll see how it goes.