Philantreon has Launched!

For one month only, I will be doing Philantreon on the blog. You can check out how it works on the page at the top of the screen or just by clicking here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If there is something you want to see that isn't there, we can talk about it.

I rejected the idea of one of the tiers being an "Ask me Anything" post because few people actually want to know something about someone as boring as me. Maybe because I'm an open book...

I'm nervous about the possibility of singing, but I will do it (possibly terribly) if conditions are met. No promises on quality.

Well, that's about it! If you haven't seen my poem at Granfalloon, it's here. My poems/drabbles at New American Legends are up, too.

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