Career Unicorns

Notes before beginning:

1. Philantreon will commence on a trial basis with perks listed in the middle of next month.
2. In case you missed it, I have new poetry out here and here.
I was talking with writer/artist Su Zi a while back about my micro chapbook iCripple. It's difficult to get a micro published, especially one that takes on disability so blatantly. Through her, I met another disabled person who has a new press with a disability focus. Su told me to submit my chapbook to him, but I refused.

I don't want to manipulate or use connections in order to get published because I feel it's wrong. The writing should be what stands out and matters... not who I know. How do you even tell if you're any good if you get somewhere based on networking and not skill? How is it fair to jump the line?

Su Zi, like my baby brother in the past, told me that utilizing connections (in polite ways) is how it works in artistic arenas. She said my idea of being discovered through excellent work is a unicorn... something not done in decades. 

Modern poets don't really see the fame novelists can potentially reach, even our laureates and Instagram stars. I should probably cling to every opportunity (few to begin with) crossing my path as a way to combat the obscurity that is sure to plague my career. My "misguided idealism" may be why my fan base is at ten people... but, they're an amazing ten.


  1. I reiterate that the interests of community are exactly many hands, and that knowing those hands is desirable

    1. I think getting to know people is a good idea. I'm open to all kinds of new people as long as they are nice. I just hate the idea of always keeping an eye out for what people can do for me.

  2. What a romantic notion. Like playing the lottery and hoping to win the lump sum. But it can happen, I believe you should go get the things in life that you want. I also believe you should never go against your morals.
    As long as you know the consequences of that kind of thinking; would you be happy with your life at the outcome of either happening?

    1. I suppose it's romantic, but I don't see it as winning the lottery. In a lottery, you have randomized chance with no other way around it. At least, when it comes to writing, you have a slight bit more influence as to your trajectory.

      I don't want to be unknown the rest of my life, nor do I want to be someone who's always after quid pro quo. Then again, I would love a hundred dedicated fans, but 50 is also good. I'm not one of those people who thinks they're going to get tens of thousands.