Sunday, May 16, 2021

Introducing Philantreon (Feedback Needed)

I have an idea I’d like your feedback on. For months, I’ve kicked around the thought of a Patreon system where the supporters receive perks but give to charity instead. Introducing Philantreon.

Philantreon is like Patreon… except for a few key differences:

1. It only exists on my blog.

2. It might only last one month/season (summer).

3. You pledge your time, talents, supplies, or money to a charity/cause.

How it works:

I’m going to add a page on this blog with perks and how much they’re “worth”. You agree with whatever tier you think is feasible for you, and I will deliver the rewards. As an example: If you pledge two shelf- stable food items to your local food bank, I will put a new poem on the blog (incorporating a word of your choice).

The higher the tier, the “better” the rewards. Maybe, at top tiers, I’ll send people something through the mail (like an art print from one of my photographs/paintings or handmade earrings).


I realize that (for some of the levels) proof won’t be easy to come by. Also, there are so many ways to give that I probably can’t cover all scenarios. I’ll try not to demand support for an organization or cause because not everyone is passionate about what I am. (I would prefer people not give to those who discriminate against minorities.)

Sound off! Are there any perks that would entice you to do this? Are there any concerns you have? Should I just forget about it?