Six Published Poems

I'm attempting my normal schedule on this blog once again (posting twice a month), but I have no idea how it will go. There may be inconsistencies. Please bear with me as I readjust.
Rudderless Mariner Poetry - "Fractious Divinity" 

This is a formal poem. So few places publish rhyming poetry nowadays. I almost didn't bother sending it out.

Rudderless Mariner Poetry "Distance Throw"

A tiny piece where I contemplate the next mass extinction.

Demons start knocking just as they begin possession of a home or person... if some reports can be believed. 

The formatting on these pieces is messed up. The proof looked accurate, but something was lost between then and publication. I might do a reading of these someday so they can be experienced closer to their original forms.

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  1. Congratulations--messed up formatting and all. It's always good to see your work. My favorite lines in this batch: "Essential" gains six meanings, not all necessary.