Noel (Rhyming Review)

An ornament born with a happiness spends his years with a family in joy and duress. He watches the people grow old and bonds alter, and through it all he tries not to let his smile falter. For a few days a year he hangs on an evergreen tree and looks down at a stable wondering what the meaning of Christmas could be.

The animation is acceptable and the voice acting is decent
(It came out in 1992, so it's not all that recent)
The narrator is old Moses himself
(Brings gravitas to this tale on a shelf)
Viewers watch life cycles and seasons
(Ponder meanings of things and their many reasons)
Though the ending is happy, it almost always makes me cry
(It's a heartfelt little film, and you should give it a try)

End note:  One small thing that might give you pause is the special hints that there's no Santa Claus. 

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