Hitched for the Holidays: Perfect Marriage of Comedy and Romance

A man and a woman meet on a dating website and agree to pretend to be the other's betrothed during the Christmas holiday to fool their families. Synopsis from Google.

Reasons why I love this film:

1. The male lead isn't just a bland, fantasy projection. He has wants, flaws, and equal screen time.
2. Character development exists for both people. They grow because of their relationship.
3. Chemistry. The couple engage each other a lot. They kiss about five times... possibly hinting at more than smooching.
4. It's funny for the right reasons! The comedy hits home almost every time.
5. It covers Christmas and Chanukkah... a rarity. The holiday scenes are plentiful.
6. The families are complex and chaotic. You get to know them (especially Rob's).
7. The thing that splits the couple briefly isn't an ex or a misunderstanding (exactly). It comes from a past issue.
8. There is a "text epilogue" that almost makes it seem like the characters are real people.
9. The film starts at Thanksgiving and ends on New Year's Eve. Most movies feel like they take place in a couple weeks.
10. It avoids most of the pitfalls of its genre. No insta-love, no misunderstanding plot, etc.

This is one of my favorite rom-coms of all-time! I liked it even better the second time I watched it. If you ever wanted to watch a holiday romance (but find most as boring as I do), this should be your first pick.

You can find it on Hallmark Movies Now or on DVD.


  1. w00t! A hit! I'll have to look for this one.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer, for your "Hitched for the Holidays" love! As the writer of the film, it's so great to hear people appreciating it the way you did. Happy new year to you!