Writing News: October Edition

Ever have a blog post written and realize you can't put it up?

It's not the right time for what I had planned. I'm sick of politics.
I'm sick of how we let ourselves be divided and controlled by people
who are supposed to be working for us and wind up being democratic
aristocracy. If we fight the "opposite side", we don't look critically
at our own. The best sleight of hand tricks are often simple.
Writing news:

In late September, I received an acceptance from South Florida Poetry
Journal for my poem "Agony and Mass". The week before that, Dark
Elements accepted four poems to debut (hopefully) this month. Some of
the poems the editor at Dark Elements wants are over seven years old!

My records show my acceptance rate for this year is approximately 20%.
It's never that high. Am I aiming lower (no), getting better (hell
no), or dealing with less competition (probably)?

I only wrote two poems in September... neither very good. It was
another rough month in a string of bad years. I suppose I should be
grateful the words come at all.

Dancing Girl Press' editor wrote me. It sounds Body: Blessed & Bitter
may be out in the world early next year! Of course, no one knows how
different things will be in 2021, but I'll try to plan for it. Maybe
I'll hold a giveaway or something...
How is your productivity these past few months? Has it changed in an
unexpected way?


  1. Congrats! That's a great acceptance rate! I don't track well enough to know what mine is more granually, but my overall acceptance rate, according to duotrope is 11.1%

    I get you on deciding that now is not the moment for some blog posts. I've shelved a few for future consideration lately, too.

    1. Congratulations on your acceptance rate, too! Mine isn't normally this high.