Halloween Questions

The decorations in my Animal Crossing town.

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Best Halloween candy:

Peanut M&Ms... maybe?

Worst Halloween candy:

Jawbreakers and candy corn

Halloween decorating style:

Cute and friendly

Favorite Halloween costume as a kid:

Witch (I still love them)

What is your favorite Halloween special as an adult? What was it when you were a kid?

Disney's Halloween Treat was my go-to special as a kid. My favorite as an adult is probably Mickey's House of Villains (the unofficial successor).

Best Halloween memory:

All-night horror marathons with my brothers, putting our jack-o'-lanterns on the porch the day before Halloween, my father and mother giving us various treats in different masks as we'd walk from the bathroom to the study (to simulate going door-to-door), and Brandon and my first autumn walk.

Favorite Halloween tradition:

Our autumn walk. Brandon and I go down the walking trail by the town lake to see the colorful leaves and then go to the store to buy our holiday candy. I do miss carving pumpkins, though.

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