I Believe...

I believe everyone on this planet is my equal until their actions show me otherwise.

I believe there are two main reasons people become cops, and only one of those reasons is good.

I believe there is systematic oppression of minorities.

I believe good and bad people wear every uniform and run the spectrum of skin tones.

I believe any country fully prepared and equipped to tear down an uprising but not able (or unwilling) to care for its citizens during a pandemic has fucked priorities and concerns.

I believe the multiple reports and videos where white people turn the peaceful protests into violence.  (I'm not saying no one else is looting/rioting, but the evidence points to a lot of escalation by white people.)

I believe our journalists and their video evidence of police brutality used against them just for doing their jobs.

I believe we are stronger together.

I believe a man handcuffed on the ground surrounded by police officers is no longer a flight risk or combat threat.

I believe every injustice is a crack in the dam that will one day drown us all.

I believe amazing acts of kindness and unity are occurring through the chaos, but entropy gets more views so we don't see much of those acts.

I believe, when the Bible talked about god crafting us in his image, that it meant our ability to create/help or destroy/hate (and not our number of legs).

I believe we choose who we want to become every day.

I believe love wins in the end, but we have to fight for the ending.

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