A Decade of Blog Posts

If my records are correct, yesterday was the tenth anniversary for this blog. I thought about balloons and confetti. I pondered the logistics of a giveaway. I wanted to do something grand.

This blog isn't magnificent. I had rainbow dreams and sweet-tasting goals when I first put my words here. This space was going to help me accomplish huge things. No dice. I ended up so dispirited at times, I thought about quitting. Why keep giving energy to this?

Is this a wash of an endeavor, though? I didn't get famous, but I met a few nice people. I don't blog for a fancy periodical, but I have a place that's all mine with my name on it. There aren't millions of views, but I sometimes go over a hundred (and they aren't me refreshing every five seconds!). I managed to find a routine that works well, so I know I can refine unruly parameters into something that makes sense. Positive things don't always blast through your wall, Kool-Aid-Man style. Sometimes, they ruffle the curtain.

Here is to another decade of small positives (in the blogging realm, at least).
*~*  *~*  *~*

Small publishing updates:

Night Music Journal accepted two of my poems late last month.


  1. I often feel the same about blogging. But I know that having a blog helped me get comfortable with putting myself and my work "out there" which is a major step in building a writing life. It also helped me get in the habit of posting regularly, which is useful for building a following. So, even if most of my posts don't get that much viewership, it's worth it to me. And hey, I still read your posts!

    1. You're probably one of the only people who do with any consistency. You'll never know how many times your presence here kept this blog rolling.