Easter/Spring Cards 2020

Since we all seem to have more time on our hands this year, I'm trying to keep mine busy by crafting.  I hope all of you are staying healthy and inside.
 These two cards are my failures for the season.  Never let me draw rabbits free-hand.  The basket would've benefited from more weave.  But, they could've been worse.
 These are what I call "letter cards".  The lettering makes up the central image.  Most of these are made with stickers, but the one on the bottom right also combines them with construction paper to make them stand out more.
 Not everyone celebrates holidays in the spring.  This year, though, spring appearing should be a celebratory event by itself.
The egg-themed cards are my favorites.  If you have an oval stencil, you're pretty much good to go.

Do you send out cards for any springtime events?


  1. These are so charming! I'm hopeless at paper crafts, but I admire the pretty by others!

    1. I do the most basic things. Trust me, you could definitely do this!