2020 Mother's Day Jewelry

Note:  My mom won't see this post... no worries.

My mom specifically requested I make her jewelry for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, she gave no directions as to colors, materials, or even types.  All she added when pressed for information was:  "You know what I like".  Well, we'll see about that.

Two of my mom's favorite colors are pink and lavender.  This bracelet, like most I make, contains stretch cord.  The pink beads are stone.

These feather earrings are simple.  They are just eye pins with a jump ring to attach the charms and the clips to go on the ears.  I use clips instead of hooks or posts because they're easier for my mom to wear right now.
I'm actually not sure about this set.  I think the copper, faux pearls, and glass beads look "dressy".  However, I'm uncertain if she will like them.  Every bead used here came from an artist who is a friend of mine.

The winning gift (I hope)!  My mom had a pair of crystal angel earrings I made her a few years ago that she gave away to a sweet stranger.  She absolutely loved them and mentions them on occasion.  I found just enough supplies in the bottom of one of my boxes for another pair.
What do you think?  Which piece is your favorite?

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