Reschedule, Rejection, and Rhysling Nomination

My part of Wisconsin received about a foot of snow yesterday.  Instead of going to chemotherapy, I stayed home and watched a wall of white gobble the world.  My fourth attempt at getting treatment will take place on the 19th.  I hope the weather cooperates.
I received rejections today and yesterday; they are the first for February.  This year, I've heard "no" twelve times.  No acceptances.  I'm submitting a lot this week since I'm not coping with chemo side effects.
Last night, I received an email stating my poem, "Consumption" was nominated for a Rhysling Award!  It's never happened before.  They have a list-in-progress but, as of this post, my poem has yet to appear.  I receive a copy of the anthology that houses all the nominees.

I probably won't win, but knowing someone liked my poem enough to consider it one of the best things they read (in the genre) all 2018 brings a tear to my eye.  I wish I knew who it was.  My readers are the absolute best!  I'm honored.

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