Chapbook Incoming (Dancing Girl Press)

I still can't believe it.  Sometime this year, I'll have a chapbook out in the world.  Me, the college drop-out without a mentor who has never attended an IRL conference or workshop!  This is the result of years of effort.

I'm thrilled...

... and terrified.  What if I can't edit and my chapbook is lousy with errors?  What if no one buys it?  What if people buy it and then hate it?  What if...

*Mentally hyperventilates*

A lot of writers have a case of imposter syndrome, but I drive the truck the cases are stacked in for transport.  Have you seen the work DGP produces?  Gorgeous.  They're out of my league.  I'm the homely girl getting asked to prom by the quarterback.


I can do this.  I'm a poet.  I just have to focus on the parts in my control and believe I have at least some talent.
Today, I wrote editor Bowen and asked if my chapbook could be one of the last ones released this year.  My chemotherapy will end just shortly before it's supposed to come out, otherwise.  I hope, with a delay, I can more effectively connect my work with its readership without anything in the way.  It was a harder email to compose than I thought.


  1. Jennifer, you got this and I believe you can do this! You are a great writer and poet. I agree let go of the thing's you can't control and focus on doing the best job you know how to do. Congratulations on this new journey of your writing takes you.

  2. This is great news! I'm proud of you and proud to know you.