Light Paradox (Old Poem)

If I could pause in the happenstance
Freeze midstep, a cryogenic deer
Under nature’s floodlights
And scent the moments
That alter everything

I would, purposely
Bump into more people
Dance until tired
Go left, not right

Just for the sharp sweetness
Of realization soaring
Through my synapses
And the sound of Destiny
Pacing restless in Free Will’s cage

The poems I share on this blog are often old and/or I dislike them.  I'd share the few I'm happy with and are current, but then I couldn't submit them to literary magazines.  

Some may ask why I share work I find inferior or doesn't represent who I am as a poet in the present.  One, I'm unknown and obscurity grants me a perverse freedom.  Second, this is like giving you a random tour of my past and what I thought about.  


  1. Does that mean you don't like this one? I love the line "scent the moments/that alter everything." It ties in so nicely with the deer in the lines before.

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

    1. I've grown to dislike it, honestly. Maybe because it has what I consider false optimism, probably because of how cliche it is.
      When I finally give up seeking publication, I'll start posting all the "good stuff" I'm currently sending.

    2. It can be like that, reading your old work. Your standards have gone up, and what once pleased you feels amateurish or hackneyed. I do really like the lines from the first stanza, though.

    3. Thank you. I really do appreciate your words!
      How goes your writing?

  2. I've been working on a new novel for about a year now. I'm making progress, just not as quickly as I want to. I think I got spoiled by writing three set among the same characters and in the same universe, and am feeling a little frustrated by how long it takes when you're starting from scratch. Hoping to have a complete draft while it's still 2018.

    1. I know writers are a superstitious bunch, so I won't ask you what it's about. But, same genre? How far are you with your draft? Are you self-publishing?

  3. I'm not so superstitious . . .at least not about my writing. I'm trying something new. My day job is teaching middle school Spanish, so I'm trying my hand at YA, hoping to produce something my students can read. It's a near-future dystopia wth elements of romance. I've thought I was "almost done" since June, but the story keeps growing on me. I'm concerned that it's eventually going to be a trilogy. (I was hoping for a single volume story this time). I've haven't made any decisions about publishing yet, wanting to finish the darn thing first.