New Poem in ETTT & Personal Stuff

My poem, "Consumption" was published in the new issue of Eye to the Telescope yesterday.
It feels weird, having publishing news so close together... but great, too.  I'm receiving even more rejections behind-the-scenes, so it's nice to know all my efforts aren't bouncing off into failure, just most of them.
My personal news:  

Someone dear to me is still in the hospital.  He's been there since about the beginning of the month with a bad infection that even landed him in the ICU for a fair number of days.  He seems to be making progress, though.  The people who love him are holding onto that fact.
I need another test for another medical issue.  The gastroenterologist said it could be a common issue or I could be dead in a year.  Reassuring, right?  Since I had cancer, all the rules around what seems innocuous enough are darkly bent.  The main problem:  I'm unsure I can do the preparation for the exam because my digestive system can't cope with some things.  We'll see.
The mentor program I'm running for disabled/neurodivergent writers is almost ready to launch!  The term for this year starts on August 1st and, like any mother hen, I'm fretting and working my butt off.

I want to start an online writing retreat as the next project, but I'm completely unequipped for it.  I'm currently in fact-finding mode.
What is everyone else up to?


  1. Congratulations on another publication! It's so nice to get a little feeling of success. Here's hoping it becomes a chain. Also hoping for the best possible outcomes for all the medical stuff.

    On my side, I just had a story accepted for an anthology. I'm very happy about it, especially since I haven't been very good about submitting my work (which definitely makes it harder to see any of it accepted!)

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act