Email Newsletter or Blog? (BWF 2)

I started this blog in 2010, at least according to my (admittedly rusty) memory.  It was summer, and I was scared but hopeful.  Why hopeful?  Because I thought it had the potential to change things for me.  What things?  Everything.

Of course, after a few months, I found out it wasn’t going to be the game-changer I desired.  I never really thought it would be.  But it was still nice, though hardly anyone stopped by even when I frequented others’ spaces.   I met some excellent writers and good people.  It gave me a different form of discipline.  I carved out a tiny part of the Internet for myself and my words.

I average about twenty views per post.  The most awesome thing about that small number is most of them aren’t mine.  So, all things considered, I have about a dozen people who genuinely care enough to keep tabs on me.  You don’t know how grateful I am to you, that you can care for a stranger… can give her a moment of your busy time… when you don’t have to.

I’ve had blog burnout on-and-off throughout the years.  I’ve felt like no one listened.  I’ve felt like I’ve repeated myself relentlessly, like shouting into the blackness of the universe.  I don’t have enough spoons (most days) to devote to the writing that thrills me, much less to something that (at points) feels like an obligation.  But I don’t want to lose my contact with the larger world.  My tiny portion that’s forever my own.

Sometimes, I find myself thinking about a monthly newsletter instead of this blog, though the learning curve would probably prove prohibitive.  I’d send out a poem, any publication news… maybe do a “blog-like” section.  It would help me focus my energy and hours into a longer monthly project instead of several lesser ones.

But, I would lose the immediacy of blogging.  Connecting wouldn’t just be a quick comment under a post, it would be emailing me or tweeting.  People rarely open newsletters, but do skim blog posts.

Most poets don’t have newsletters.  This might be a horrible idea.  Or one of the best I’ve ever had.
What do you guys think?  Would you retire your blog for a newsletter?


  1. Interesting. I keep both a blog and a newsletter. I send a newsletter somewhere between monthly and quarterly, reserving it for when I have actual news, like announcing a public appearance or a new release.

    I post on my blog weekly. I use it for a variety of types of writing: reflections on writing life, rants about things that bother me, gushing about things I love, random musings and occasional updates on writing life stuff. It's also to have a foothold out there on the web, should anyone hear about me or my work and want more information. So, there's contact information, book links, etc.

    Since they serve different purposes for me, I probably wouldn't give one over for the other. I'd still be interested in you and your work either way, though.

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

    1. I think you're about the only one interested!
      It's cool that your blog and newsletter cover different things for you. I feel like I never know what I'm doing.