Older Poem Commemorating College Basketball Season

March Madness 

Every spring, it is the same
Sweet sixteen, brackets,
Commercial consideration, colleges
Humans parade as stuffed animals
Cheerleaders twirl
Jump shots, whistles shriek, pass in play
Players’ shoes squeak like mouse sirens
Balls hit the floor repeated
Muted drums pounding victorious

Every spring it’s the same
Colleges, commercials, the bracket racket
Silly mascot costumes, sultry cheerleaders
Squeal of those infernal shoes
Bounce, bounce, bounce of textured ball

Every spring, the same
Brackets set
Ball boings relentlessly, pistoning
Up and down
Tapping like a skeletal tree on glass
Ticking as a clock
Stupid, screaming shoes

Every single spring!
Tap, tap, tap 
Boing, boing, boing 
Bounce, bounce, bounce 
Squeal, squeak, screech 
Run, run, run!

Is…is it… spring?

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