Milo Yiannopoulos' Retracted Publishing Deal

Simon & Schuster has cancelled Milo Yiannopoulos' book deal.  Condoning sex between young teenage boys and men (sometimes triple their age or more) is where the publishing house draws the line.  Some people are applauding Simon & Schuster's decision.  I'm as livid as ever.

Where was Simon & Schuster when Milo was spouting racist and transphobic rhetoric? Oh, yeah.  They were envisioning stacks of tainted cash while telling people that, while they might not agree with his views, Milo was expressing his opinion.  Racism, ableism, and sexism are free speech, according to a scary amount of people.

But, what about his views on hebephilia/pedophilia?  Why is it different, abhorrent?  I mean, Milo isn't afraid of things like eugenics, so...

Milo (to my knowledge) has never abused a young teenager.  He wasn't urging middle-aged men to find themselves a victim.  He was just "expressing his opinion", right?  It was just words, like when he argues against the festering matriarchy.  If he isn't calling for action, why isn't this considered free speech like every other thing he spits out?

In reality, Simon & Schuster saw this new development as something that would hurt sales more than boost them.  A lot of Republicans love Milo, and his hate-filled speeches.  But, he went too far.  His publisher knew it was time to pull the deal, lest they lose money.  It wasn't about ethics.

More Republicans are also distancing themselves from Milo.  I guess his views are a lot harder to take when he turns his eyes toward their young, white sons.  Maybe, if he would have aimed his thoughts towards minority-only teenagers, he'd still be welcome at CPAC.

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