Poetry and the Intriguing Light

My best friend and I exchanged Christmas presents on Monday.  She brought hers in a white garbage bag.  I could see an odd shape and hints of red and purple through the plastic.  As I peeked in, I could see the start of the object, plastic waves of color.
And then, I lifted the it from the bag and saw a most interesting shape in the whole of the object.
It reminds me of dragon's fire.  Or something out of Dr. Seuss.  It intrigued me.  My best friend then looks at me and says "Wait until it's plugged in".
So, after looking at it from different angles, I had my husband find an outlet and plug it into the wall.

It's a handmade light you hang from the wall.  My best friend even watched it being constructed from scratch at the mall.  It's beautiful, and I've never seen anything like it.

This light reminds me of poetry.  First, it is a vague shape which barely hints as to it's nature.  Then, you get your hands on it and pull it from under the covers, examining it from all angles.  You become fascinated by what it is and what it could be.  After staring at it, the light comes on, and it appears even more different and beautiful than when you first saw it.  It comes slowly, in stages.  It captivates and bewilders, it becomes one of the best things you never knew you wanted.  And now you're just glad you got a chance to see it.

When I look at it, it reminds me of what drew me to poetry in the first place.  All it took was for the light to go on.

When your passion for writing flags, may you find your lamp.

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