December Submission

December is an excellent month to submit to literary magazines because there is less competition.  Everyone is so busy with holiday merrymaking (or stress) that writing and submitting get pushed into the background.  It's a good opportunity, if you have time yourself.

The holidays have me thrashed.  There are cards, gifts, relatives, decorating... and I need more rest than I'll get this month.  I'm also desperately foolish (or hopelessly stubborn) because I'm going to submit (and edit) throughout the month.  I have six new poems in need of revision before submission, and fifteen-to-twenty places to send work to.

It might get a bit worrisome.  Where others need more sleep or caffeine when they overexert themselves, I get ill.  Necking-with-the-Reaper ill, though He has yet to convince me to go back to His place.  I can always put my career on pause until January, but that's a horrid month to send work.  Damn New Year resolutions causing a deluge of submissions!

Oh well.  If I don't manage it this month, at least there are future times.  Between "later" and "never", I'll take the one that gets stuff done.

How about you?  Will December find you typing away?

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