Back, And I Have a Kindle!

My best friend (S.) got me a Kindle for Christmas.  I've put it off forever and made all kinds of excuses:  I only read a book once so it wouldn't pay, I'm not good with complex technology, Amazon is taking over the world and me not succumbing to the pull of millions of digital books protects us from having Jeff Bezos' face carved into Mount Rushmore...

Well, if me holding out prevented it, we're in trouble now.  I love it!  My good Goddess, I'm up to my eyeballs in electronic ink.  Free/discounted ebooks fly on-and-off my virtual shelves faster than a politician changes his/her stance on an issue.  I've bought books by blogging buddies and debut writers.

It's delicious.

I subscribe to the Choosy Bookworm, Bookbub, and Fussy Librarian newsletters in my email to catch great deals.

I'm not convinced about using it for magazine subscriptions, though.  But maybe time will change me.

So, what did all of you get during your holiday of choice?
Do you have an e-reader?  If so, were you hesitant at first?
Anything I should know about with the Kindle?


  1. I have one of the original kindles. A couple years ago I replaced it with an IPad, but recently have gone back to the kindle. I don't know why, but I prefer it.

    1. This is my first ereader of any kind and I'll probably use it until it breaks.
      It's actually a Kindle Fire but all I do is read on it. What more does one need in life? lol

  2. I use the Kindle apps on my phone and iPad. The lower cost of e-books and the frequency of sales on them really makes me much more willing to take a risk on a book that's not a "sure thing"--as in a new writer, or out of my usual genres of reading. And I don't have to find anyplace to put those books in my already too-full house and bookshelves.

    1. I, too, am addicted to sales. I get new books multiple times a week.
      I always felt a bit guilty not reading a physical book all the way through (even if I hated it) but have no issues dropping ebooks I can't stand. Maybe it's the price...

  3. Congrats on your new Kindle!

    Does the Fire have e-ink?

    1. No, it's a basic one.
      Still awesome, though!
      I can't believe I waited so long.