See You in the New Year

Wednesday, I'm going to be elbow-deep in over a dozen pies.  When I'm not cooking, cleaning, eating, or visiting, I'm going to be spending time with my little nephew.

Less than a week after we get home, my husband's brother is coming to stay for a few days from out of state.  A day or two after Christmas, their family (possibly including said brother) is planning a trip to see us for a while.

Between all of this, there are presents to buy and wrap, cards to make out and send, candies to make, a Christmas party to plan, and a week or so at my mother's.

I won't be sleeping, much less updating my blog.  I will be attempting to stay fairly active on Twitter, but it's already becoming increasingly difficult.

So I will see you after the New Year, I guess.  Please be safe, happy, and hopeful.

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  1. It's a busy time for many of us. I'll be addressing this in part in my Monday post. I'm going to keep posting some throughout the holidays, but I'll mostly be disengaged from social media from the looks of things.

    Have a happy time in the weeks ahead and don't let all the work get you stressed.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out