Favorite, Beautiful Words

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Everyone has favorite words or phrases they use.  Where pet words in writing become an overused crutch, these little beauties are treasure sprinkled gently through our lives.

Words can be chosen as favorites because of sound, appearance, definition, or memory.

Some of my beloved words and why:

Always:  Looks pretty in cursive and is what love is
Egress:  Liked for definition and flows better than its synonyms
Deploy:  Effective word and delectable sentence structure potential
Abscond:  Sound
Entropy:  Definition

So, now that I've shared... how about yours?  What words do you love, need, CRAVE?

1 comment:

  1. I like the word "indubitably" for its sound (and because it is part of an inside joke with one of my friends), and the word "ergo" because... well, it's just not often seen in my realm.