Doubt and Hope Ra-Ra-Ra

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Everyone has doubts about life.  
Where am I going?  What am I doing with my life?  Will this be worth it?  Am I good enough?

Writers and those in the arts know those questions better than anyone.  Many of us constantly wonder if we're any good, if our time isn't better spent coaxing llamas into playing football.

A solid record of works, awards, publications, etc. is often not enough to convince us that we're progressing, are good, or even should continue the path we're on.

I constantly feel I am not good enough.  Good enough for what?  I don't know, exactly.  Maybe to win contests, maybe to get into high-level publications, have my own collection accepted by a press, all the things I want so badly, things I see as a sign of success.  
When a literary magazine accepts my poetry, I chalk it up to luck.  

But it isn't.  I'm not incredible by any means, but I don't suck.  I just can't see my progress because it isn't as fast as I want, or as noticeable as I desire.  I'm too busy listening to the critical, negative voice in my head.  

The same thing applies to all of you.  You're underestimating yourselves!  You're good! And the best part is, you're improving all the time.  Every time you put words down, each time you refine your synopsis, you're climbing.  I wish you could see how far you are, how glorious the trail.  Don't be afraid to glance behind you and look, REALLY look at where you've come from.  Then, get going.

What do you feel is your best accomplishment (in life or writing) so far?

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