My Reading Challenge May 15th-June 5th

I have borrowed twelve books from my public library.  The challenge is to read them all before the due date.  Throughout this, I will update you on my progress, so let's get started.

Books I Have Read

The Sweetheart Bargain - Shirley Jump

N0S4A2 - Joe Hill

Book I'm Currently Reading

HorrorStör - Grady Hendrix

Books To Be Read

Above - Leah Bobet

Frozen - Kate Watterson
Sandman Slim- Richard Kadrey
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - David Wroblewski
The Six-Gun Tarot - R.S. Belcher
Dead Set - Richard Kadrey
Good Kings Bad Kings - Susan Nussbaum
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
The Inverted Forest - John Dalton


What is on your "To Be Read" list?


  1. Did you copy and paste part of this? It's showing up as highlighted in white with blue font (that's hard, but not impossible, to read).

    In any case, I'm reading "The Screwtape Letters" now (along with "Elementary Differential Geometry" and "Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields", but that's for a totally different purpose). On my to-be-read list is "The Kite Runner" and "Babbit" (and "Basic Complex Analysis" and "Linear Algebra", again for the other purpose). I'm not sure I'll get to those this summer, though...

    1. Yikes, saw the problem! I had to copy the German "O" and it just kept the background the rest of the way.

      I have thought about reading The Kite Runner but heard it deals with a subject that's difficult for me, personally.

  2. Some great choices there! Miss Peregrine has been on my list for a long time. I like the short term personal challenge. Maybe I'll take one on next month (after school's out).

    1. If you do, I hope you'll tell me about it!
      A good chunk of the books are dark fantasy/horror but there is romance, mystery, and a few literary fiction titles with disabled characters.

  3. I keep a lot of books on my To Be Read List. Anytime I get a good review from someone I put it on my list. Eventually I will get around to reading all of them. You are very ambitious here!

    1. June and July are filled with family events so I won't get a chance to read as much. I'm also submitting batches of poems before month's end.
      How large is your To Be Read List?