Giving Tree Jewelry Pictures

I'm not quite halfway done with a self-imposed week to go. I am trying to make a variety of styles and lengths. Eventually, I will even make clip-on earrings for some of the girls without pierced ears.

What do you guys think?

Also, just letting you know, this blog will be on break as I away to my mother's for Thanksgiving. I may return here in early December, but am unsure as I will only be home three weeks and then must leave once more.

If I do not see you, have safe and pleasant holidays.


  1. They look great! Enjoy the holidays...this will be my first time away from home for the holidays, but I will do my best to enjoy them nonetheless.

  2. Thanks. I just finished a black and white set with real pearls.

    I'm sorry about the holidays. I hope you have unexpectedly excellent ones. I can't imagine, sometimes, what Christmas and Thanksgiving would be without my family. I'll be thinking of you.