Plus-Sized Fashion (Let's Talk Colors)

"Wouldn't you be more comfortable in something... darker?"
"People of... your size look better in black."
"Dark colors are slimming!"

Oh, my fellow fat people have heard it all.  Tuck away your orange, yellow, white, and anything else bright.  Bring out the black, dark navy, and other colors this side of funeral.  Once you're beyond a size twelve, dressing in your favorite colors or the hues to compliment your skin tone become a fashion flub.

Truth:  Black is slimming.  Thin people, we large people understand this.  But not every plus-sized person wants to hide behind a shapeless frock of midnight.  Many fat people want to wear what they like or what suits their style.  Just like skinny people!  Blew your mind, right?

Fat people often choose darker hues to divert attention from themselves.  It is difficult, believe it or not, to be fat in this size-obsessed society.  As a heavy person, you are given a lot of grief (even by strangers and children) for the "choice" of fatness and most consider this appropriate because their cruelty will "motivate" the overweight person to lose weight.  Sometimes, it's just easier to dress in more "accepted" ways.
I've always been fat.  I come from a family of big people.  My mom was raised to wear dark clothes to hide her pounds (and other, worse things to hide and/or shame her).  She never raised me that way.  I grew up dressed in (and loving) colors.

Do I wear black?  Yes, but only when I want to.  Do I wear yellow or orange?  Not really but that's because I don't really care for them all that much.  There is also my skin tone to consider which is why I don't wear lime green (it makes me look ill).

So, wear what colors you like!  Fat or thin!  If you like it, on it should go.  Be fearless, be bold.  Hell, even clash against your skin if that's what you feel like.  Be fierce.
What colors won't you wear and why?  Have you ever thought someone shouldn't sport a specific shade?  Ever stay away from a color you love?


  1. I wear orange all the time. Of course, my complexion can handle it. (On the other hand, I can't do purple...)

    I don't deal with people who would shame me for my size. If they do, they are not friends. the others are easier to ignore.

    1. I love purple and kill in red (the most ostentatious color).

      I don't associate with bigots of any stripe. As an adult, it's easier to stay away from negative influences than it was as a child. Good thing my family had my back.

      Thanks for stopping by!