Real Fairy-Tale Endings

I did a small series on my Twitter Sunday.  It involves what happens after the closing line of so many fairy-tales.  So, since this is Tuesday (my least favorite day of the week) I'm going to post them.  I may even make them a regular thing on Twitter as I have more ideas.


Not So Happily Ever After:

Rumpelstiltskin Gives Up Baby Thievery: The troll has decided he would be better-suited for politics. He runs for congress next election.

Prince Charming to sell his shoe store (Midnight Glass) after he was discovered fondling the feet of customers. Cinderella devastated.

"Sleeping Beauty not so gorgeous awake," confesses the prince. A source close to the couple confirms Aurora has violent outbursts.

Snow White marries the prince. She neglects to tell him he's husband number eight. He now shares a room with Grumpy and is angry.

Repunzel says donating hair to Locks of Love "no-brainer". Volunteers to spend months untangling and washing the golden threads.

Princess Anna To Take Up Welding After Joke: Elsa accidentally freezes self after Han Solo carbonite impression. Anna vows to free her.