Halloween Haiku Contest Helps Me Write

I've written bits and pieces-- nothing, really.  Early this month I addressed how being sick made it difficult to write anything.  It remains.  A mere handful of new, rough works are all I have to show for months of existence.  Well, besides this blog and Twitter posts.

However, I ran across a fun contest recently from on haiku with a Halloween theme.  Now, anyone who knows me at all knows Halloween is my beyond-favorite holiday.  The fact that it involves poetry is just a huge bonus.  I find myself with eight pieces, currently, with ideas for more.  My muse is in love.

The contest has no monetary prize but it doesn't matter.  I feverishly scribble, even in the middle of the night like I used to.  It's so nice that I have this part of me back, even if I'm still not well.

I don't think I'm going to enter any of my poems.  If not, I won't regret it because, for now, the fire is back and I'm just glad... to feel the burn again.

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