I'm Back... Sort of... (And Business Cards) **Please Read**

I'm not back in full force yet.  I've run into a few more complications than I had realized.  The most pressing difficulty, it seems, is whether I want to continue this blog at all.

I'm sure you guys know what I'm typing about.  You post consistently, comment regularly, really try to bring something to the blogging table, but nothing works.  I thought I was fine with how little my effort was producing but I'm not.

You see, this month is my four-year-Blogaversary.  After four years and trying a bunch of different things, I have 29 followers (and if more than seven still read this blog, I'll be shocked).  I never thought I'd get into the thousands.  Wouldn't have dared to hope for a few hundred... but still.

I'm not trying to get pity, I'm merely relaying my dilemma.  At this point, should I focus my effort elsewhere?

So, I'm either quitting or revamping.  I shall let you know when I know.
On an almost contradictory note:  I bought new business cards.  They're only one-sided and look different from my old ones but I got them on the cheap (one dollar).  I got 100 from a company I've never heard of before due to a promotion.  A person said she had unauthorized charges after ordering but I haven't.  If you want to brave it, it's at Hip2Save from (I don't know when the sale ends).


  1. I do understand the desire to leave the blogosphere, and I'm not sure I can lend advice either way. I blog simply as an outlet for myself, so we're looking for different things.

  2. I believe I've figured it out... we'll see.