Changes... Perhaps... (Will You Still Follow Me?)

I think I figured out why this blog is bothering me.  Honestly, I'm not having fun anymore or covering what I want to,  I began this blog for writing stuff but, really, some of the topics I've only covered because I thought they'd be beneficial for all of you to know.  I've also stayed away from certain topics I've been dying to talk about because they fall out of my original scope and I thought you may not care (like disability, fat acceptance, etc.).

You see, when everyone talks about branding/marketing, I get freaked-out.  Experts say you need a platform, so I ran and got one and tried everything recommended.  Nothing felt like it "worked" the way it should.  I kept blogging, even when I didn't feel passionately about a subject.

Now, where does this leave me?  I have to expand onto the subjects I want to if I'm going to stay and enjoy this.

Where does that leave all of you?  I'm unsure.  Will you guys stay and listen to rants on politics, fat girl fashion tips, disabled pet peeves, and only SOME writing-related posts?  I suppose that's up to you.  I may start swearing at times, sharing more personal things, and just being more "me".

If you don't decide to stay... I get it.  If you do, let's get talking!


  1. You'll have much more fun with the blog if you incorporate more of yourself into it. It's always great to get writing advice and info, but we want to know you too! So have fun with it. I'll be back! :)

  2. I think this is a good idea and a more natural trend that many bloggers fall into. When I started blogging my subject matter was intended to be all about Halloween. That changed pretty quickly. I find it difficult to write if I don't enjoy what I'm writing about. Good luck!

    Tossing It Out

    1. My problem is readers. Most (if not all) of my favorite readers are writers. Will they want to hear about... photography, for example?