Hosting Your Own Blog

If you have a book (or five or even zero) out, experts say you should have a blog/website.  But not just one on Blogger, or Tumblr, or!  No way.  You need one you host yourself.

I understand the logic.  You have complete creative control with your own hosting, name, etc.  Your website/blog can't be removed because you (may or may not have) violated part of that verbose mammoth affectionately called, "Terms of Service".

Honestly though, I can't afford hundreds of dollars a year for a little corner of the Web.  I made a vow long ago, only my money (not my husband's or the household's) would pay for writing-related expenses.  Since I am what some people refer to as, "a bottom-feeding scrounger on the dole", I have less money to play with than most.  Even people who aren't, however, can't justify the price.

Or they just aren't tech-savvy enough.

What stops you from moving your blog to a self-hosted site?


  1. I don't want the stress of a self-hosted site yet. It makes me nervous! No reason why. I've actually used them, and they aren't bad, but for some reason I hold off. If I actually get published one of these days I'll throw in the towel and turn it over to a self-hosted site!

    1. I think there might be a huge learning curve for me but money's my biggest factor.
      I'm with you though, if I'm making enough off my writing, I'll do it.

  2. Your reasons given are the same as mine. And right now I don't especially need one although it would probably be better to be self-hosted for the A to Z Challenge Blog. I wish I had the money to do that one right.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Someday! I love the challenge, though, regardless of where it's blogged.