E3 Thoughts

Every year, my husband and I watch the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).  We love it.  It's awesome to see the excitement (or lack thereof) about an announcement.  It's even better to feel it ourselves.

But, sometimes, I don't understand the reactions.  A game I thought was mediocre can get a ton of buzz when a sequel is revealed.  Another game sporting unique concepts and mechanics can fizzle before the reveal segment even ends.

This gets me back to books.

Unique books can fall through the cracks while cruddy ones can be on their well-received eighth installment.  The ones that truly try to break boundaries can crash, forgotten.  But not every unusual concept fails.  Sometimes, the biggest risks can open minds to things unfathomed.

The thing about the E3 audience, any audience, is the composition.  Watching the presentation, I realized how different my tastes were than the people populating the audience.  But the audience is a mere sliver, an itty-bitty cross-section, of taste and opinion.  There are many others out there who share my views.  And many others still with third, forth, fifth sets of idiosyncrasies and interests.

Never give in because you're not mainstream.  You never know where you might find yourself in if you just keep swimming.


  1. Your advice is good. Sometimes it's all about the hype. The word might spread from the outset or it might take a while. Getting the right mouthpiece to spout that word can sure be advantageous.

    Tossing It Out

  2. But finding the right mouthpiece is so difficult.
    All we can do is support ourselves and other writers while striving for "better".

    1. So true. That's why it's so important to get the word out every way we know how and be a part of a social media network that will help do it as well. Too bad it's so time consuming to do all of this, but I guess it has to be done in order to get that word of mouth promotion going.

      Tossing It Out