Week Two of My DIY MFA

Last Week I...

1.  Read the new Tales of the Talisman front to back (poem of mine on page 57!)
2.  Read the new issue of Goblin Fruit (and loved it)
3.  Did a free-write (that went nowhere)
4.  Submitted one poetry manuscript (I think)

**I'm also receiving quite a few rejections and getting discouraged.  Tonight, I received one from the Black Warrior Review.  

Next Week I Will...

1.  Select a poem and make an audio file
2.  Read my new Poets & Writers issue
3.  Write at least one new poem
4.  Write a flash piece

***I am not sure if there is going to be anything else.  By Halloween, I hope to actually figure out Youtube enough to have my audio file put on here.  We'll see.


  1. Try not to get too discouraged. Easier said than done, I know. Keep writing because you love it, and your future will take care of itself.

    To answer your question on my blog, I'm not doing Nano. Too much going on right now. But I do plan to write a lot come December!!

    1. I saw your book is almost out! Congratulations!

      It IS easier said than done. I am getting so much negative feedback/rejection that I am almost done with the "public side" of writing. I know, I say that a lot. I know I would never stop writing in and of itself but... yeah.

      Oh well, tomorrow's another day!