An Open Letter to the NSA

Dear National Security Agency,

First, this is not a letter to condemn you.  I am not going to be thrusting the amendments in your face.  I will not be telling you to get a life, do something important, etc.  So, put your mind at ease and please, just read this.

So, you monitor a lot of websites, phone calls, e-mails, and so on.  You say it is to catch terrorists and I am not going to argue against you or sing your praises.  But, I thought I would talk to you about something.

You see, dear Agency, I am a writer.  I am not well-known and I haven’t won any awards.  But, thankfully, I do have a bit of a presence online… especially this blog.  As you’ve probably seen, this blog doesn’t have many followers and my posts don’t get a lot of comments/views.  You could change my writing career’s fate!

As long as you’re checking on everything and everyone anyway, why don’t you come on in and comment every once and awhile?  I’m certain some of you have a novel or other writing project burning inside of you and my blog could spark something for you.  We could develop a back-and-forth and talk about “the biz”.  I could get interaction and a larger audience for my work and you, dear Agency, could get inspired, find intelligent conversation, expand your horizons by reading my published works, and just so much more!  Everyone wins and you can do this on company time, no questions asked!

So, what do you say?  Would you be my readership, sweet NSA?  Please, don’t keep me waiting too long!  I need to know I’m not alone and it would help me so much to know that your close eye on me is also enjoying what I work so hard to create. 

Hope you read me soon!


  1. Haha. This is great. :) Very well said.

    1. Join me, Kelley. lol

      At least something good can come out of all the controversy!